Chris did an amazing job with our mortgage! We were also working with our builder because they made some tempting specia...l offers, but Chris matched everything they could do and more. It was so much less hassle than the builder's mortgage too. Thank you Chris!

Chris Wilkes was excellent, professional, extremely good at making everything clear and showing me what to expect. At no point in the experience did I lack any confidence that he could handle it. You seem like an excellent, professional company who hires good loan officers.

Thank you for everything and helping us along the way so we could buy our home.  We really appreciate your work and that of your team!    Thanks a million! The process was very professional and educative since I am a first-time buyer. The NOVA team was always available to help me to decide and understand my options.  Special thanks to Chris Wilkes! Chris is the best! excellent experience and great communication throughout the process.

Chris provided us a very high level of professionalism and service that we just didn't get from anyone else. He had faith in us and his process when no one else did. He came through on every promise he made. His staff worked tirelessly to help me complete my application and closing. His team was polite and respectful and responsive to my questions and are a reflection of his leadership style and personality. I will provide the name of Chris Wilkes and Nova Home Loans without reservation to everyone who asks me to recommend a lender.

I  can't begin to explain how grateful am to have had Chris working for me in the mortgage process. I came to him with a number of issues that I knew could make a mortgage difficult or impossible. After learning about my challenges in an initial conversation, no other lending agents would even return my call but Chris was optimistic even though he knew it would be a lot of work for him. 

Throughout every step of the process, Chris and his team kept an open, honest dialog with me and Chris was able to get me approved in spite of my being on a fixed income due to a disability and having a health-related bankruptcy in my past. 

I wasn't sure that I would ever be able to own a home, but Chris made my dream a reality.