Owner Occupied Financing

Owner Occupied Loan Requirements  

Owner Occupied real estate transactions involve a small or mid-sized business that will occupy the majority (≥ 51%) of the commercial property for their business use.

Owner Occupied - Multi - Use - Owner occupies > 51% for their business use.  A multi-use property is a commercial building that may easily be used by a wide variety of tenants.

Property Types

Owner Occupied - Special Use - Owner occupies ≥ 51% for their business use.  Special-use is commonly associated with commercial properties that are either designed for a particular type of tenant, or are modified for use by a particular type of tenant. They are not suitable for multi-use (use by a wide variety of tenants, such as an office, retail or industrial building).

Property Types

•   Assisted Living Facilities
•   Nursing Home
•   Senior Housing
•   Restaurant
•   Self Storage
•   Car Wash
•   Automotive
•   Entertainment Facility

Owner Occupied - Hospitality - A Hospitality property is a hotel or motel property that receives guests and visitors on primarily a daily/overnight basis. Limited-Service Hospitality properties with nationally recognized franchises (“Flagged”) are preferred.

Property Types

•   Bed and Breakfast
•   Full Service Flagged Hospitality
•   Limited - Service Flagged Hospitality - Must have interior corridor