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I Want to Buy or
Build a New Home

Newly constructed homes offer many benefits over older homes. They’re built with the latest construction techniques and technology. They’re energy efficient and include modern appliances. They’ll require fewer repairs in the short term, and you can customize many of the features to your exact preferences.

If you’re looking at homes in a new development or subdivision, you are not required to use the builder’s lender. You’ll likely be better off getting your loan with NOVA.

  • You can always choose and buy from the builder of your choice.
  • Our interest rates are generally lower than you’ll get from the builder’s lender.
  • We don’t charge origination points.
  • Our long-term lock option, with one-time float down, protects your rate while your home is being completed.
  • We can offer you more personal service and support from start to finish.

Custom Build Construction Loans

If what you desire is your very own custom, one-of-a-kind dream home, we have a variety of programs to help you get there. They include:

  • Full loan approvals at the beginning of construction that pays off the builder when the home is finished.
  • One-time close loans that disburse payments to the builder during construction.
  • A two-time close loan that has an initial loan to begin the build, and a special refinancing loan when construction is complete to make sure you have the best possible terms.

Ready to break ground? Contact us today to find your best option.

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The Program information shown is for informational/educational purposes only and does not represent a commitment to lend or extend credit. Other terms and conditions may apply. Contact your Loan Officer for more details.