Hear from our happy clients...

"Thank you for our dream home!"

Andy and his team worked hard to secure this loan for me! I cannot wait to move into my new home! Thank you all!

Katt R. | Phoenix | June 2016 

"Responsive and always returned my call!" 

Andy is exceptional! One of kind with patience of a saint. Andy was responsive and always returned my phone calls within the hour. He has a great sense of humor and was fun to work with. Steve and I appreciate his support during the arduious mortgage process!

Brenda C. | Phoenix | June 2016

Open communication and awesome reputation

The Mason Group...amazing! Open communication..thorough..perseverance..friendly..more than prompt, always a step ahead of the game!!! Love them..great people to work with! Shhhhh, I've even heard candidly from Title companies...your reputation goes before you as one of the best!!!!!

Evie M. | Phoenix | May 2016

Generous and Passionate | Kindhearted and Hardworking

Andy Mason was flat out one of the most respectful, efficient, helpful, and kind people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. After being turned away twice, and told we'd never get a house with our expectations, frustrated and discouraged, my wonderful sister in law recommended Andy to us. Stating he would take wonderful care of us, and he'd get it done quick and right. Boy was she right! Andy has the best customer service I've ever seen. From answering his phone after business hours to answer silly questions, to remaining calm when frustration set in. He's so generous and passionate about his job, if recommend him to anyone, any day. He is absolutely top notch, and my fiance and I will forever be in his debt. Such an amazing, kindhearted, hard working man. I wish his stars went above five, because he is worth so much more.

Audra J. | Phoenix | April 2016