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I Have Less Than
Perfect Credit

A few bumps or bruises on your credit history should not be an obstacle to getting a home loan.

Have a lower credit score? No problem.

  • FHA Loans
    FHA Loans offer very flexible qualifying requirements. In fact, FICO scores as low as 550 can be eligible with a 10% down payment.
  • USDA Loans
    FICO scores as low as 620 can be eligible for USDA Loans, which include 100% financing, and they allow gift funds to cover closing costs.
  • VA Loans
    If you’re eligible for VA benefits, you could qualify for a VA Home Loan with a FICO score as low as 550. It also comes with 100% financing and no private mortgage insurance requirement.

NOVA Home Loans Credit Services could help improve your credit score, which may save you money and help you get a better home loan.

Since 2016, we’ve helped over 20,790 borrowers get approved for a home loan—borrowers who otherwise might not have qualified. This FREE service is available to everyone who applies for a loan with NOVA.

  • We’ll evaluate your credit and provide recommendations that could potentially improve your credit score.
  • We’ll help dispute or correct inaccurate data in your credit report.
  • We’ll show you how to maintain higher scores in the future.
  • Improved credit gives you access to more loan options.

Had a significant, negative credit event? We can help with that, too.

  • If you’ve had an unexpected or unplanned financial event that seriously affected your credit, our NOVA Credit Services Professionals can help.
  • Four months from the exact date of the event Credit Services will do a soft pull on your credit to make sure everything was reported accurately.
  • This will help prevent additional time being added to your credit recovery.

Credit Services will work with you and the credit bureaus to get your credit realigned so you can apply and qualify for a home loan.

Depending on the type of loan you want, and the type of occurrence you had, below are the standard wait times before you can apply.*

Contact a NOVA Loan Officer to connect with NOVA Credit Services. We’re ready to help.

3 years
from Trust Deed Date
3 years
from Transfer of Title Date
2 years
from Discharge Date
2 Years
from Trust Deed Date
No time frame
with AUS Approval
2 Years
from Discharge Date
3 years
from Trust Deed Date
3 years
from Date of Application
3 years
from Date of Application

1 year of the payout must elapse & payment performance must be satisfactory. Buyer must receive permission from the court to enter into a mortgage.

*This is for informational and credit educational purposes only and is not an advertisement to offer or extend credit, nor is this a guaranty of loan approval or commitment to lend. NOVA® Home Loans does not guarantee results. Improvement to your credit score is dependent on your specific situation and financial behavior.

Contact a NOVA Loan Officer to connect with NOVA Credit Services. We’re ready to help.

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The Program information shown is for informational/educational purposes only and does not represent a commitment to lend or extend credit. Other terms and conditions may apply. Contact your Loan Officer for more details.