"What I liked most about with the Jordan Team was the Honesty"

Mike and Lisa 12/31/2015

"I appreciated having Julie Jordan as my “go-to” person.  By phone and e-mail she was prompt, helpful, and courteous.  The entire staff seemed very competent!"

Walter and Eunice 12/14/2015

"What I appreciated the most was your starting the refinance months in advance so that I didn’t have to worry.  You and your staff really cared about my children and me.  You and your entire staff are professional and very competent.  I will be recommending you to lots of people!"

Jill 11/20/2015

"Jeff Jordan and his staff do an excellent job  of keeping the applicant advised of each step in the loan process. "

Joe and Phyllis 11/19/2015

"25 years of good service for my clients"

Tish Realtor 11/18/2015

"We liked being in communication."

Jeremiah and Megan 10/19/2015

"Great customer service, friendly, and knowledgeable."

Alan and Melitta 9/28/2015

"I appreciate that you took the time to explain the home financing process to me.  I also really appreciate your support team.  Once under contract, they really helped me manage the many requests for documentation and financials."

Jason 9/25/2015

"I liked the speed of the Refinance"

Conner 9/18/2015

"Very knowledgeable and helpful.  Everything was done in a timely manner."

Doug and Linda 8/21/2015

"I liked your willingness to take the time to explain different loan types and potential funding sources."

Clay and Samantha 8/7/2015

"I liked your knowledge and fast response for any issue through the loan processor.  For me as a first time home buyer it was easy to understand the loan term, go through the processing without any fear."

Nabeel and Maysoon 8/5/2015

"Friendly and Personal, cared about personal needs."

Chad and Realene 7/23/2015

"You were always there for us and answered any questions we had.  You had our best interest throughout all of the procedures that took place. "

Rolland and Ruth 7/20/2015

"Great communication and ability to help me get the best possible outcome." 

Derek and Thuy 7/10/2015