Tom is very professional and wiling to find the best loan for the client. I am very happy with his service. Highly recommend.


I had a great time working with Tom and his team. His process and work ethic made our part easy and pain free.


Tom and the rest of his team are an amazing group of folks to work with. They're knowledge, persistent, and truly know how to make an experience that is often far too stressful somewhat enjoyable. I thank Tom and the Heath team for making my first homeownership experience seamless and memorable! I highly recommend the Heath Team at NOVA; they're exceptional! Keep up the good work!


The Heath Team at Nova Home Loans has always taken good care of my clients. It is key to have a good team around you as a Realtor and Tom and his team are a key part of my team. All our transactions went smooth with happy clients- which is the most important thing.


Tom is knowledgeable, responsive, and very easy to work with. He puts my clients needs first and makes the transaction seamless. If you are looking to finance a home, please call him!


Tom and his team are very knowledgeable and are honestly there for the best interest of their clients. I would highly recommend them for your home loan needs!


Tom and his team take our client's interests to heart. They listen, evaluate, and recommend what is best while including everyone in the decision making process. They're responsiveness and professionalism help to make the home buying process smooth and fun. I recommend them 100x over!


I have worked with Tom on many transactions and he has never had to extend escrow. He has closed on time with every transaction. Tom is always quick to respond and knows his product inside and out. Highly recommended!


I've had the pleasure to work with Tom Heath directly and it has truly been a pleasure! The Nova Home Loan team is the way to go.


Tom and the Heath Team made the process of refinancing as simple and painless as possible. Their communication and professionalism was excellent and I highly recommend them.


Thank you so much, you and everyone on your team was always so patient and helpful, thanks again!


Thanks Tom. Since we moved from renter to homeowner our cost of housing decreased by over $350. You played a major role in our strategy. Thank you so much. 


Thanks Tom and everyone else. It's been a pleasure working with you in this important purchase!


Thank you so much for you and your team’s awesome work! We will recommend you! Happy New Year!


We had our first night in the house thanks to you and your staff! It was great! We've met a number of neighbors and they have welcomed us!


Thank you so much for helping me along the way into my first home. It's a great feeling and you did an amazing job making things happen in the short window of time we had. Feel free to use that as a testimonial. It's the truth! Thank you for your assistance!


Thank you Heath Team! As a matter of fact there are 3 persons I sent to you guys and you are now currently working with them. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you


Everyone really went out of their way to make this as easy as possible for me, and I'm very grateful. Tom was awesome, and so was every other person with whom I dealt.


Both Nathan and I are so grateful for all of your help and patience in facilitating our loan. The entire experience was informative and thoughtful, it was so nice to not worry about the loan while the chaos of house shopping/inspecting swirled around us. Thank you for always being accessible and making sure we understood everything.   And thank you for the house warming present! We'll see you around town.


Yay!  Thank you both so much.  It was a pleasure working with you.  Everything turned out even better than expected.


It was certainly a dream come true when we unlocked the door for the first time to our new home. When we started the process 12 months ago it was just a dream, but your team was instrumental in assisting us to bring it to reality.

-Jim and Jane

Tom- Thanks for sending the survey questions. Our answers are 5's to all of them. We checked with Rudy, & he agrees, & added his personal thanks for letting him sit in at our 1st meeting. We also would add a 5 for Lori's handling of the final meeting. We were amazed at the speed that it all was completed, particularly after we changed our mind to add the escrow account. Your receptionist made us very comfortable on our 1st visit & helped make our decision to switch from Bank of America to Nova, the right choice.  It was a smooth deal & very appreciated. We hope we will be meeting you all again sometime soon.

-Harriet, Harry &  Rudy

Sir, I wanted to write and say Thank You to you, and your entire team. On my end it was simple, easy and pain free, even after we threw a monkey wrench in the works by changing places. My other purchases weren't quite as smooth as yours, so thank you!  Also an extra big thanks, two thumbs up, and you out did yourself with the house warming gift of the fancy engraved cutting board. That was an extremely pleasant and appreciated surprise. No doubt you and your team are stand outs in the entire Nova Home Loans network. Once again, thanks so very much to everybody.

-William and Dorothy

I didn’t have any idea when my real estate agent recommended I contact Tom Heath at Nova Home Loans what to expect. What I found was a thorough professional – someone who was unfailingly helpful and accessible, with a great support staff, and, best of all, offered a very attractive interest rate for my mortgage. Tom made the process of buying my home painless. He promptly responded to my inquiries and thoughtfully addressed my concerns. I highly recommend Mr. Heath.  


I wanted to extend my own gratitude to you and the rest of the NOVA team, for excellence in service throughout the entire process. It seems every step of the way this house needed some sort of financial transaction or attention or decisions while we away from home. While in most cases this would be stressful, for us it was always smooth sailing because of the speed with which you answered questions and got back to us with information. I’m pretty sure you answered emails from me late at night, early in the morning, and all throughout the week-end, and the entire team was right on the case bright and early every day, too.   You were up-to-date on all the changes in Arizona and federal real estate law, and guided us without fail every step of the way.


So awesome Tom! Thank you for everything you and your team did to get this closed early and for always taking the time to keep me updated on where we are in the process. Have a beautiful holiday season


We were especially impressed with Tom Heath's help with the different ways we could structure the loan and closing costs.  Thanks for everything!


I recommend Tom Heath because at a minimum I expect excellence. He always exceeds my expectations.


Another great job from your team!  I appreciate you keeping us informed.


Excellent communication throughout the transaction and exceptional service.


Hi Tom Heath and the Heath Team,

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in helping me get a wonderful home. You were exceptionally thorough and always available for any and all questions or concerns I had throughout the process, even after my loan was bought off by another company. I have always felt more than comfortable working with you. I have the most respect and confidence in your abilities and I completely trust you. I appreciated all you did for me. I can't say enough good things about your company and about you. I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking to invest in real estate. I thank you in helping me achieve my dream of buying my first home.


Peter and I would like to thank you and your team for all the help with the purchase of our new home. You and your team were very professional in assisting us with our loan especially given that all correspondence was long distance. We appreciated all the time and effort you put in. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family. Thank You Again


We've all heard of the frustrations people have experienced trying to obtain a mortgage loan. Tom helps his clients prepare a complete file that will be approved the first time it is submitted. Very professional, thorough, and your questions will be answered. Kudos to the Heath team.

-Jan and Dennis

Well, here we are a couple of months after we were able to close on the property in Tucson.  We just want to send along our thanks for your help during the process.  It seems like a new roadblock or delay occurred on a weekly basis, and we appreciate your team's guidance through the oft tortuous path to completion of the deal. We're sure many others would have bailed out of the process, and we thank you for keeping our goals in mind. Many thanks.

-Doug and Linda

I have purchased many homes over the years, but I have never worked with a more helpful, caring, and effective team in my life.  You and your group went way beyond the "norm" to overcome all the challenges and problems generated by the seller and their principles.  I am very convinced that without your efforts, I would have given up on buying this beautiful house we now own.   Again, thanks to you and your entire group for the extraordinary efforts.


You guys have been incredible, thank you for your professionalism and effort!  I would recommend you all to everyone

-Mark and Sherri

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the work your team did for our refinance. I know the volatile time in the market made the transaction not so great for your company, but it was a huge help to us, so we appreciate you guys. You made it exceedingly easy. I’ll be sure to recommend your office to anyone I know


I’ve had Tom Heath & his team at the top of my Preferred Lender list that I send to clients looking for a loan. His knowledge alone puts him ahead of most, yet what really separates The Heath Team from good, bringing them to Great is the way they treat their customers - taking the time to give solid answers to questions in "Human Language" that anyone can understand. Add an impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity & the willingness to go the extra mile for a client (even if it means pointing them in a direction that involves another lender if The Heath Team doesn't have a loan program that fits the client's needs) - you've got the cream of the crop.