"I want you to know that I have been so impressed with you all! This whole experience has been so wonderful for my buyer and myself. Your communication has been so on point. And the professionalism is beyond what I could ever hope for. I never once felt like I was going to fall through the cracks. I never had to worry about any of the process because your team had it all handled. Please let everyone know how impressed I am! Thank you so much for such fabulous transaction!"

- Robin W.

"Cheryl is incredible as always. Even my realtors were blown away by how great Cheryl was. I recommend her any chance I get. Absolutely incredible service."

- V.T.

"I'm a repeat customer of the ALMC team at NOVA Home Loans. Cheryl and her team made my mortgage experience the smoothest and best experience it could have ever been. The high level of service, and peace of mind, that Cheryl and her team deliver on is why I continue to work with them over and over again. If Cheryl's name comes across your desk while you're shopping for a mortgage, look no further. You found your loan girl. #wonderwoman."

- S. Mac.

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all the help during my recent refinance. Your whole team did a great job but I seemed to work the most with you. You did a great job and you are very good at what you do.  Thank you for making the process as simple as you all did. Have a great day. I will refer Nova to anyone I know is looking for your services."

- Christian R.

"There's comfort knowing that Cheryl and her crew will take care of you, nothing hidden, always professional and always enjoyable to work with!"

- Michael H.

"Well, today is one month in my new home. Did not intentionally wait for the one month anniversary to get back to you with the purpose of expressing my sincere gratitude for the competence and skill you provided so that I might find myself in the home you worked so hard to help me with, but the community within which it lies. I've met some very nice individuals here via walking my dogs with magnificent scenery every step of the way, joined with a wonderful group of women at the four days a week fitness program, and got online with the Indian Mountain Network to meet even more people. I don't think a day goes by that I don't think about mostly you, and as well, Nova's gracious receptionist, and Cheryl for helping me with a difficult moment with the computer stuff. It was clearly your effort right up to the last that got us to the closing date I so desperately wanted one month ago. Nova Home Loans definitely sponsored me and in conjunction with its connection to Scout Real Estate Group's, Jennifer Hanson, I was assisted with a commendable team... Writing a recommendation has been on my mind every day since closing.  On those two long trips back to Minnesota to get things needed for the new residence, I thought often about how to say it and then when I got to my destination, there was so many things to do, I couldn't do it. Internet connection out there where I was retrieving things was not that great and as you know, I'm lame with stuff like that. As soon as I finish this note, which for me can often turn into a short story or novel, I will try to text you. If my recommendation was too long, I must declare, it came from the heart. Thank you for your presence at the closing one month ago, the gift which I didn't expect, and promise to be a good recipient of a Nova Home Loan. Give my greetings to Cheryl, the receptionist whose name I don't recall for the moment, and anyone else who helped with accomplishing this feat of getting me into this home."

- Tanya K. 

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping my husband and I get our first home. We had been looking for quite a while and thought we would never find one! The process was smooth compared to some stories we have heard. Will definitely be recommending all of you!"

- Joseline M. 

"The entire team was very responsive and professional. We have recommended Nova to several friends."

- Ryan H.

"Cheryl worked extremely hard with us to get this loan to go through. We are 15 months out of the bankruptcy and several other mortgage companies wouldn't even speak with us. She worked with us through the entire process and got our loan approved. We were able to get a lower interest rate and we pulled out some money to replace and expand our deck Overall it was a great experience."

- Brian C. 

"Cheryl did an excellent job!"

- Beau T.

"We just want to thank Cheryl, Lindsey, Julie, and Dawn at Nova and Debbie at North American Title. We are proud to be among the NOVA family of "Customers for a Lifetime". If your mortgage company does not treat you with dignity and respect, if it is not doing everything it can to provide the best product for YOU, then you need to get in touch with this group. They will do everything in their power to make your loan process a success and a pleasant experience. These people are wizards..."

- James T.

"Lindsey made getting a mortgage very easy. I am very thankful for all her hard work."

- Diane A.

"Dear Cheryl We were really thankful for the patience you had when I got us lost and you helped find your location. The fact that you and Kelsey were so friendly and kind to us made the experience go great!"

- Ron and Rosie

"The communication and responsiveness through the whole process was great"

- Kirby V.

"Barb and I would like to thank you for a wonderful refinancing experience. Every step of the process was seamless. Your Nova team members were always on top of everything and were very helpful guiding us through the required steps. We will make sure to recommend your services."

- Michele and Barb

"I would highly recommend Cheryl for any mortgage needs. I have had the experience of purchasing 4 homes and 2 refinances now and every time it has been a nightmare except this last time when I had the absolute pleasure of working with Cheryl and her team. Cheryl took the time to meet with us on our schedule to explain everything in detail and made sure that we understood everything. Cheryl is very knowledgeable and made sure that she explained all of the different options we had. During the process Cheryl and her team made it so seamless and easy that it was easier than buying a car! My husband and I were so impressed by Cheryl that we will recommend her to anyone that is in need of a new mortgage or refinance. We will go back to Cheryl from now on for all of our mortgage needs. Please make your mortgage experience as easy and stress free as possible and give Cheryl a call, I guarantee you won't be sorry you did!"

- Martha Wamsley

“Cheryl and Lindsey are the BEST!  It is so very refreshing to work with professional individuals that know their stuff.  Right away when we met with Cheryl, we walked away thinking wow she is on her game.  I already have and will again refer Nova loans to everyone in need of a home loan.”

– Robert Smith



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