How to Make Your New Home Feel Like Home

Whether it’s your first move or your fourteenth, the process of packing up your things and relocating is always a bit stressful. As we’re preparing to leave the space we’ve come to call home, one of our main motivating factors is the prospect of customizing our new one.

But if we get busy or overwhelmed, we can go weeks (even months) without fully settling in. Walls remain bare, boxes remain stacked, and we might not even know where to start. If this has happened to you before and you’d like to avoid the same experience in the future, consider these 10 helpful tips for your next new beginning:

     1. Clean First, and Clean Well

While your home was likely gussied up for listing photos and showings, it probably hasn’t been cleaned since then. Unpacking can stir up lots of dust, so before you dive in, scrub your walls, counters, and floors from top to bottom. This gives you a truly clean slate to work with, and it’s an opportunity to introduce pleasant and familiar scents with your preferred sanitizing products.

     2. Don’t Pressure Yourself

If you’ve purchased a new home, you will likely have years to add personal touches and make it reflect your life. Instead of hosting a housewarming party right away, give yourself some time to get comfortable and ready the house for company without rushing yourself.

     3.Pacing is Key

If you unpack all the fun stuff first, it can be hard to motivate yourself to finally dig into the more cumbersome items. Similarly, saving the best pieces for last can cause you to become overwhelmed early without much payoff. Try to alternate the boxes you unpack so that you’re tackling something exciting between more tedious tasks.

     4. Hang Photos Early

Furniture is generally arranged within the first couple days of moving, so it should be easy to visualize where to hang the photos and art that instantly make you feel at home.

     5. Address Color Concerns

Some of us thrive within vibrantly painted walls, while others find bright colors and patterns stressful to the eye. If the previous owners expressed themselves with a palette that you find less than soothing, replace it sooner rather than later for a sense of relief, accomplishment, and individuality.

     6. Out with The Old

Like painting, replacing small elements such as cabinet hardware, light switch covers, and faucets can give your new place a facelift without breaking the bank. If there are any functional issues with these fixtures, these should be addressed right away for safety and energy efficiency.

     7. Bring the Outside In

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, introducing low-maintenance houseplants to your home’s main areas provides immediate color, life, and fresh air – three things that can be desperately lacking in a bare, new space.

     8. Bigger is Not Always Better

Every new home deserves a shopping spree (or several) but be mindful while you’re purchasing. Most major moves come with an increase in square footage, and it can be tempting to fill the void with new furniture. However, when not carefully considered, this can add a lot of unintentional bulk to a room. Just because a living room can fit two couches doesn’t mean it should. Explore different seating options that encourage a better flow with less clutter.

     9. Find Attractive Storage Options

When unpacking, you have to get a little disorganized before you’re fully organized. This means that important items like keys and wallets are even more susceptible to being misplaced than they normally are. To prevent this, incorporate decorative hooks, benches with cubbies, and other aesthetically pleasing storage solutions to your home’s entryway or equivalent area.

     10. Let It Go

Finally, it’s possible that you packed up some old items that just won’t work in your new space (or your new lifestyle). If something doesn’t belong, and it isn’t 100% necessary, don’t be afraid to give it away or dispose of it. Decorating your home isn’t about replicating your old one; it’s about getting comfortable with a new phase of life.

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