40 Years of Priorities

NOVA turns 40 this year, and our priorities have been in perfect harmony with our borrowers’ wants and needs the whole time. A lot may have changed since 1980 (especially mortgage rates), but as we celebrate this milestone, we’d like to remind you that our values have stayed consistent.

We’ve always offered the best combination of rates, services, and fees, which come together to create a seamless experience for our borrowers. Between our wide-variety of loan programs and services like down payment assistance and credit support, we have nailed down a rhythm that can suit just about any lending situation imaginable.

Most importantly, we do more than listen. Our top priority is all about building the trust and communication necessary for meaningful, lasting relationships. We genuinely care about our clients, and we hope that has shined through every transaction we’ve been involved in since 1980.

Whether you’ve been a part of our past or present, thank you for helping us write our story! If you’d like to join our future, apply today and work with a local lender who prioritizes your needs!