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Paul Volpe
Vice President

About Paul Volpe

Every loan officer will tell you they provide the "best" customer service; but in this case it's a guarantee rather than a just a catch phrase. Following graduation from U of A in 2001, Paul was mentored by his brother, Jon, CEO of NOVA HOME LOANS who, since 2001, ranked five times as America's #1 Loan Originator by Mortgage Originator Magazine, Broker Magazine, and Origination News. Paul served as the Volpe Team's "right hand" during those years. He soon achieved his own mark of success in the mortgage industry by thinking "outside the box" with difficult-to-place loans that other lenders simply couldn't put together. In 2013, Paul ranked #1 nationally and has been #1 in Arizona for the last several years. In addition to his business acumen, Paul is one of the nicest and most engaging financial problem solvers you will ever meet. He is a person you can imagine referring all your clients to with total confidence. When asked about the most essential ingredient in his transaction with clients, Paul names "integrity" as the single most important gift he can offer his clients in representing their needs. Paul now manages the Volpe Team with ease and has maintained the standard established by Jon to under promise and over deliver.

Cassandra Acosta
Loan Officer

About Cassandra Acosta

When shopping for a mortgage professional, you must know that the person responsible for walking you through one of life’s biggest decisions is reliable. Reliability is my main focus and I am dedicated to helping you meet your goals while advising you based on more than nine years’ experience. I understand that this process is not ‘just business’ but that this is your life and well being. I promise to take the time to learn about your particular real estate and financing objectives. When you make the important decision to buy a new home or refinance your current home, I’m committed to going the extra mile to ensure that all your financial needs are successfully met. I am dedicated to helping you make the most informed mortgage decision possible. My goal is to integrate your personal financial plan and major life goals, such as retirement, and wealth accumulation along with an affordable mortgage payment right now. A mortgage is not just a loan, it’s one of the most important financial planning decisions you will ever make. The right mortgage plan helps create wealth! Everyone on my team, from the executives on down, the #1 Volpe Team at Nova Home Loans, strives to make the process simple and understandable so clients don’t feel overwhelmed, but rather they feel a part of the process. This open communication helps to minimize the stress that comes along with home buying.

Blaine Staggs
Loan Officer

About Blaine Staggs

Blaine Staggs Blaine Staggs joined the Mortgage business in the summer of 2013. His work ethic, determination, and integrity was engraved in him through his Professional Golf Career. That work ethic is now being applied to his early start in learning the mortgage business inside and out to becoming a great Loan Officer that everyone can rely on and trust. His ability to adapt to any situation and scenario is proving to be a strong attribute. After joining the Volpe Team and Nova Home Loans in September of 2013, and with the assistance of his mentor, Paul Volpe, Blaine is willing to go to any lengths to find any possible solution to get the job done. He is determined to assist his borrowers with the highest level of integrity and service, sticking with the philosophy of under promise and over deliver.

Sean Wood
Loan Officer

About Sean Wood

Sean Wood Sean Wood joined the mortgage industry in August 2001. After his experience in the business, Sean wanted to be a part of the fastest growing national company in the country. He has been a part of NOVA now for over 5 years, and with the Volpe Team for over 2 years.Sean enjoys helping people and his career with NOVA has enabled him to do just that. In his spare time , you can be sure to find Sean on the golf course or at the lake. Sean stands by his promise to under promise and over deliver.

Amanda Forrester
Loan Officer

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Gregg Lindholm
Loan Officer

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Raquel Cooley
Loan Officer

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Cari Balocchi
Loan Officer

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