6 Identity Theft Solutions

It's unbelievably frustrating, here you are going about your business, being a productive member of society, caring for your family and some lazy thief is trying hard to steal your identity and all you've worked so hard for. The good news is that there are identity theft solutions so you can work to stop the thieves in their tracks.



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Prioritizing Your Needs VS Your Wants

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It can be difficult to compartmentalize things into what we need versus what we want. Sometimes our wants feel like needs, and often the two even overlap. It is important that we get a good, clear grasp on this concept if we are to be responsible with our resources. Here are a few thoughts in regards to separating the two, and being comfortable with your decisions.

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What Fannie Mae Can Do For You?

Are you thinking of purchasing your first home? Would you like to to purchase a home while the prices are low? Many people may be thinking that this is not a good time to buy a home because of the bad economy. However, if you think about it for a minute, this could be the perfect time and there is a program that can help you with financing, called Fannie Mae.


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