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Student Loan

Student Home Loan.jpgLoan Officer Spotlight: Applying for a Home Loan as a Student

Are you an ambitious student looking to get ahead of the home buying curve? Good for you!

Maureen Vanderhoff (Loan Officer NMLS 240174) wants to show you how you can begin your home loan journey and begin saving up equity and building your investment portfolio at an early age. These savings and investments can benefit you for years to come!



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Morty - Citizen

morty citizen.pngMorty the Mortgage Guy - U.S. Citizenship and Home Ownership

Morty the Mortgage Guy is back to tell you that you do not necessarily have to be a U.S. Citizen in order to purchase a home here! The United States is the "Land of Opportunity" and that opportunity includes the dream of home ownership. Get some of the details and talk to a NOVA® Home Loans loan expert for more details!




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Savings Challenge


Savings Plan Challenge!

Check out a very simply savings plan to stock away some cash. This could be used towards a down payment on a house or other housing costs! Can you save an extra $2 each week? We also have some great tips included to cut some expenses. Take our Savings Challenge!





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All About Mortgage Insurance

MI Info.png

All About Mortgage Insurance

What is Mortgage Insurance (MI) and why do I need it? If you do not know these answers, then check out this post and find out! Learn the basic calculations and payment options that may be tagged onto your home loan. Some programs do not require MI and some allow for the policy to be dropped after a specified amount of time. Get the details here!




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Morty - Millennials

morty millennials.png

Morty the Mortgage Guy - The Story of Millennials

If you are a typical Millennial, there is a good chance that you are either stuck in your parents' basement or renting an apartment. Today, Morty's message is directed towards you. See what he has to say about the financial market and how home buying may actually be a safe option for you.

Even if you're not a Millennial, you should take a listen and see why home buying is a great investment at any stage of life.


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Morty - Pay Scale



Morty the Mortgage Guy - Pay Scale

Morty is back, putting your mortgage myths and misconceptions to rest! Today, he's talking about the misconception, "I do not make enough money to buy a house." Basically, if you make enough money to live, you make enough money to buy a house. Sound too good to be true? Well, take a listen as Morty digs in! 



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Home Owners and Termites


Home Owners & Termites

Do you know what disaster accounts for $5 Billion annually? Termites! These wood-destroying insects are more damaging to homes than floods and fires. No one is exempt from the threat of these pests, so be sure to be prepared to defend and prevent your home from being overtaken by these tiny creatures!



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