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Home Loans News, Tips & Fun - Home Loan Blogs | Nova Home Loan

Integrated Mortgage Insurance Program (IMAGIN)


Integrated Mortgage Insurance ProgramSM (IMAGINSM)

If you have ever been concerned about the monthly payment associated with the purchase or refinance of a home, then IMAGIN might just be perfect for you. Imagine an opportunity to save money on your monthly mortgage payment by potentially eliminating the monthly mortgage insurance premium.

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6 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

 6 ways to improve your credit score

Several factors go into a mortgage loan application and FICO scores make up a piece of that process. A subpar credit score may not necessarily hinder a borrower from buying a home but there are several things a borrower can do to achieve a desirable credit score. If a new home is in your future, here a few things you can do to give your credit score a boost. 


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Construction Loans

Construction Loans: Build the home of your dreams.

If you have ever planned every aspect of your house and always dreamed of having a one of a kind home then a Construction Loan might be for you. Construction loans are what make home customization possible and allow the borrower the unique opportunity to be actively involved with the construction/ remodel of their home, from start to finish. Here are a few important details to remember before taking on a construction loan project.


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4 Questions to Answer to Find out If You Are Ready to Own a Home

Because five is just too many, we wanted to give our potential home buyers FOUR questions to ask themselves to discover if they are ready to buy a home! Purchasing or refinancing a home can be one of the biggest milestones in your life. At NOVA® Home Loans we want your home buying experience to be a smooth and effortless process. To ensure a successful transaction it’s important to evaluate your lifestyle. Do you have a good source of income? Do you have money for a down payment? If your answer to these questions is “I don’t know?” call or start your application with a NOVA® Home Loans Loan Officer today to find out if you are ready to buy or refinance your home!

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Home Inspections

home inspection

Home Inspections: What You need to know

Congratulations! You've decided on a home to purchase and your offer has been accepted! One of the next big hurdles you will need to finish will be the home inspection. You don't want to skimp on inspecting something that could be costly to remedy in the future, but you also don't want to waste your cash on things that are unnecessary. We have developed a guide and explanation for some of the most common home inspections, as well as questions to ask and estimated prices. 

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Housing in Maricopa


Housing in Maricopa County, AZ

Deciding when and where to buy a house can be a grueling process. First, you must consider your personal situation and then determine which economic factors make buying a good solution. Take a look at this infographic, made for Maricopa County specifically. Now is a great time to buy! 






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Best Place to Work 2016

2016 NOVA 14 Mortgage Mag.jpg

NOVA Home Loans Named Top Company to Work For 2016

NOVA® Home Loans was ranked #14 in a large list of mortgage companies surveyed in the US. Many of our loan officers were named in the top 1% of originators in the country, both in volume and units closed. These are very distinguished rankings and NOVA® Home Loans is proud of all of the hard work and standard of excellence our Loan Officers display.





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Rent vs Own 2017

rent v own.png

Renting vs Owning

The decision to purchase a home or keep renting is one of the biggest decisions you will ever face. There are definitely benefits and drawbacks to renting and owning, it truly depends on your situation, however, this short video will provide some thought provoking information. Take a listen!




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