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Reasons Why You Might Want to Refinance

Reasons to refinance 

Are you considering refinancing your mortgage this year?

Did you know that refinancing may help lower your total monthly mortgage payment and help you save money? When you refinance your mortgage you have an opportunity to change your payment terms.

Here are a few areas where a mortgage refinance can put some of that money back into your wallet.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Home Loan

Loan Officer Spotlight: What to Look for When Choosing a Home Loan

Look For 1.jpg

Choosing a home loan program, whether it be your first home or your fifth investment property can be a very daunting task. Each individual comes with a unique situation each time they purchase a home. Unfortunately, mortgages are not a 'one size fits all' scenario, but thankfully, there are several guidelines that can help narrow down the selection of choices. Bert Carpenter, Senior Loan Officer at NOVA® Home Loans, outlines some of these guidelines.



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refi.pngQuick Facts: Refinancing

You might be thinking that since you already own a home, you do not need to pay attention to all of the buzz about the economy and mortgage rates, but have you considered refinancing? Refinancing could potentially save you a bunch of money, either now or in the long run! Take a quick peek at this infographic and talk to a NOVA® Home Loans Loan Officer today!

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Avoiding Mortgage Misery

mortgage misery.pngAvoiding Mortgage Misery

Attention all mortgage borrowers! You may be at risk for a contagious borrowing disease called, 'Mortgage Misery.' These cases can be contracted by borrowers refusing to take proper precautions and exposing themselves to unsafe borrowing practices. For more information, read the risks, preventions and treatments used to combat this infection and talk to your qualified mortgage professional today!


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What Determines Mortgage Rates?

rates topper.png

Determining Mortgage Rates

Will rates increase soon? Will there be a recession, and is now the time to buy and refinance? No graphic or blog can ever answer all of those questions conclusively, however, you can learn what influences all of these factors and how you can make the best financial decisions!

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Meet Bob and understand the home buying process

bob.pngMeet Bob! He is currently renting an apartment, but would believes now is a good time to buy a house. In fact, he has a house in mind already. Follow along as he goes through the home buying process! This is an 8 episode series, so be sure to check back for weekly updates! 






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